T-Raputa Baby Nasal Aspirator Electric Nose Cleaner with 2 Silicone Tips, Music and Light, 3 Adjustable Suction Level, FDA Approved and BPA Free, Safety and Reliable for Newborns and Toddlers (Pink)

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  • ✅3 ADJUSTABLE SUCTION: Featuring a quality motor and pump components, InFanso Nasal Aspirator easily removes stubborn snot from your toddler's or infant's nose just by 3 adjustable suction level. It also comes with 2 SOFT SILICONE nozzle sizes, to fit comfortably your baby's nostrils without causing a speck of discomfort!
  • ✅ATTRACTIVE MUSIC AND LIGHT: The only aspirator on the market with attractive music and multicolor light which attracts your baby's attention and ensures you will remove the mucus from your baby's nose SAFELY, EFFICIENTLY and FAST! Do not worry about frighten or distress baby anymore.
  • ✅MEDICAL GRADE MATERIALS: InFanso baby nasal aspirator is medically tested, FDA approved and constructed upon the highest quality and safety standards. Molded of soft silicone, the material is safe and BPA free, it will feel soft and comfortable and it will not harm your baby's nasal cavity when using.
  • ✅EASY CARRYING & CLEANING: After your baby's nasal passages are sparkling clean, simply open the mucus cup and rinse with hot soapy water. You'll never worry again about exposing your baby to bacteria or mold. The nasal aspirator with storage box is TRAVEL-FRIENDLY to be easily carried on your daily out and about, weekend trips, holidays or on a sleepover at the granny's.
  • ✅1-YEAR WARRANTY: We take great pride in the quality of our baby nasal aspirator and we are so confident you will love its efficiency. If you're not satisfied with the product for any reason, simply contact our customer service team.

Product description:



Suit for: Newborn Babies and Toddlers

Material: Silica gel and ABS

Dimensions: .9x 4. x 2.17 inch

Weight: 0.8lb

How to use:

Step1: Assembling the working tank.

ɀPlease put the anti-reflux cover on the storage tank.

ɁPlease screw the storage tank into the suction tank base.

ɂPlease screw the main body into the assembled storage tank and connect it through the suction tank base.

ɃPlease attach the silicone tips according to your child's needs.

Step2: Connect the suction bank to the main body.

Step3: Install the batteries.

Step4: Turn on the device on using the power button, choose a comfortable strength, then you can use.


1. 1. Before using the nose vaccuum on your baby, it's better to test it on your arm to get familiar with the various modes and music settings, to get a feeling for the suction strength, so as not to scare or hurt your baby..

2. Please remove the batteries if it is going to be unused for a long time, to protect the device from damage.

3. Please keep the main body away from water or other liquids.

4. Some weak sticky mucus may flow back into the device. In this case, it's suggested to use cotton swabs to clean the suction port of the main body.

5. Please read the instruction carefully before using.

Packing List:

√ 1 x Gourd-Type Tip For Newborn Babies

√ 1 x Funnel-Type Tip For Children Above 2 Years Old

√ 1 x Nose Clip

√ 1 x The Fuselage

√ 1 x User Manual 

√ 1 x Absorbent cloth

28 April 2019
As a busy mom of 2 boys I have to say this product is so handy whenever the kids come down with a cold or just have a congested nose. It is attractive, cute and easy to use. Very useful equipment.
The suction is gentle but effective, baby doesn't cry when we use it. Often we can hear that there's some mucus blocking her nose but when we look inside, can't see anything.
It travel-friendly, very convenient to carry around and powerful enough to get even those stubborn boogers with irritating the nasal passage. A breeze to clean too!
I'm really happy to buy this. It helps me a lot. Like it
Charles Russell
28 April 2019
I had a manual one (the one you put in your mouth and suck the air out) and decided to try this one. Much better and easier. Daughter was surprisingly calm and excited, normally she hates it. Great product. Just as described. use very Simple.Highly recommended.
28 April 2019
This is best baby electric nasal aspirator that I had. Unfortunately, my baby does not yet know how to blow their nose to clear it. So, I need this to help her with blocked nose. They are incredibly easy to use, cheap and can have your baby breathing normally in as little as thirty seconds. love this product
28 April 2019
Bought it for my pooly little girl, she already had runny nose 3weeks, so i decide to bought this gentle nasal aspirator. It really help me a lot and easy to use.the music and light are very good help me to hold my baby. nasal aspirator is really helpful.
28 April 2019
Best gadget for babies! If yoir little one has a stuffed up runny nose this is the most satisfying piece of equipment to use and clear that nose! Excellent product! it’s very easy to set up and wash, definitely recommended.
Kathleen C.
28 April 2019
First and foremost thank you for quick delivery of this amazing product.this is a must have item for all the families.children will soon realize how great this product is ,helping them to unblock noes and cleans their airway .my boy love it more then the tissues.very comfortable design .Easy to use, nice design .highly recommend
Charles Russell
28 April 2019
This nasal aspirator is a must for and infants.She likes the music and lights. I was worry she might be scared of it but she actually loves it. And we finally can ease breathing without crying ,Does the job great
28 April 2019
The soft silicone head is suitable for newborns . This device is easy to clean and use, I use for my son's runny nose directly when I receive it, I have to say that this device is much easier than manual one, especially when your baby is crying. Although, this device is a little bit expensive, but it works well and worth it.