TotsBots PeeNut Reusable Wrap Size 2 with PeeNut 3 in 1 Pad - Complete Reusable Washable Nappy in Pippin Design

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  • The peenut nappy system from totsbots gives the versatility over a conventional disposable nappy by giving you options for your baby.
  • Simply brilliant - in a nutshell! save your family money by ditching disposable nappies and pocket the savings.
  • Minimum bits for maximum bots! the peenut is designed to be waterproof, easy to use and can work as a nappy.
  • Slim-fit, leak-proof and economical. don't worry about those leaks just a happy baby.
  • The peenut system consisting of a waterproof wrap for use with the bamboozle , or but a 3 in 1 pad for use by itself in stunning colours.

Product Description

The peenut - it's a one-size reusable nappy system consisting of a waterproof wrap and a clever -in-1 bamboo pad. just add a stay dry liner and use. time to change? pop in a new pad and reuse the wrap. slim fitting, leak-proof and economical. the -in-1 peenut pad is made up of two pads (light and medium) that can be used separately or popped together for flexible absorbency and fit. use the light pad for new-borns during the day and medium at night. use medium during the day once baby needs it. pop both light and medium pads back together for maximum absorbency once baby is power weeing. the pads are made from gorgeously soft bamboo with a touch of microfiber for fast drying. make sure when you are looking for a nappy system that will last you, you put totsbots at the top of your list.

Box Contains

1 x Peenut Wrap with in 1 Pad