SOF Tactical tourniquet wide.

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The SOF® TT-W is the result of a two-year development: a tourniquet was developed, which is more effective, faster and applicable in every situation in laboratory tests and involving users in areas of application, soldiers, paramedics and police officers. At the same time strong and light weight, and equipped with a  cm wide setting strip, to be able to effectively set in difficult situations. The SOF® Tactical Tourniquet is one of the best tourniquets available at the moment and is supported by all professional and experienced users, because of its stability, reliability and easy adaptability. The novel, safe and easy to use seal of SOF® TT allows tourniquets to be applied very quickly without threading. This reduces the stress factor, the duration of the application is shortened and the blood loss is reduced. The  cm wide tying band ensures a better compression than most other standard tourniquets, that often have a wide loop, but a . cm wide internal band. The wider tying band not only allows a higher compression, but also provides a higher degree of comfort to the injured. As with all SOF® TT,the handle of the SOF® TT WIDE is milled from a single piece of aluminium, thus avoiding stability problems at higher loads, for example, during application to the thigh. 00% effective – SOF® T Tourniquets have been tested by the US Army Institute of surgical research being and 00% effective. Very easy to use – the fit of a SOF® TT is always the same, whether you are using it on arm or leg. Easy to use under stress. Durability and Stability – SOF® TTourniquets are made with only the most stable materials in order to survive in any situation– nothing breaks here. 00% reliable - The design of the SOF® TT reduces the dangers of an unstable