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  • New highly deformation-resistant PU --- The shoe-upper material is a kind of new wave-shaped PU which is distinctive and makes the cycling shoes not easy to be moistened by outer water.Meanwhile,the upper vamp perforation design can make it also breathable.Moreover, Thermoforming technology is used to increase the comfort and compactness level.
  • U-Heel Cup structure increases the stability--- The thickening heel cup has a curved inside structure,in other words,those mens cycling shoes are designed with U-heel (heel cup) which is anatomically shaped around the heel and ankle to avoid twisting your ankles providing better support and stability.
  • Nylon outsole and antislip design in arch area---The nylon sole is abrassion resistant and of enough rigidity which can provide enough support to the sole of the feet. Additionally, a small quantity of fiberglass is add into the nylon sole to increase the dimensional stability,also makes the sole of those cycling shoes cling to the sole of the foot closer. Besides,the Arch area of those road cycling shoes is designed with uneven surface,which is antislip when those cyclists need to pedal.
  • Superior hook and loop velcro and adjustable lock catch---In order to making your feet always maintain a good condition ,the superior hook and loop velcro are used to making the bike shoes dimension easy to be adjusted. What's more, the lock(buckle) is adjustable,which is suitable for different height and shape of instep.
  • 3 points fixings design---the 3 points fixing design combines the power generated by pedalling and the pedal,consequently the power can be more completely transfered to the pedal reducing power transmission loss.(It fits to SPD-SL and Look system)

  • Attention!!!
    `We only sell cycling shoes,there is not clips and cleats!!!
    aIf you are novice at using professional cycle shoes,please firstly must practice using them simulating before go cycling wearing them!!!
    Before buying those cycling shoes spd sl, please check those size references above firstly,then choose the most suitable size.

  • Style:018 Cycling shoes spd-sl for men and women;
  • Application: Road cycling shoes, SPD-SL&Look system;
  • Season: Autumn/Summer/Autumn/Winter;
  • About the road bike shoes:
    In order to better protect your feet, transmit more completely the power produced by the pedalling and bring to those cyclists more comfort, those cycling shoes are designed by heart:
  • Upper vamp:
    `New wave-shaped PU is used, which is highly deformation-resistant. It means that after the stretching,it can quickly restore to the original shape.
    aThe use of Thermoforming technology makes those bicycle shoes can better wrap your feet,especially in those sensitive areas where your feet lift and pulls the cycling shoes men while pedalling. So the compactness level and performance are increased.
    The special material makes the upper not easy to be moistened by outer water,meanwhile,the perforation design makes it also ventilated. It's a perfect combination of partially waterproof and partially breathable.
  • Midsole:
    The midsole is designed seamless to better stabilize your feet and better transmit the power produced by pedalling because the less weight and the lower stacking height of those cycling shoes can reduce energy loss.
  • Sole:
    `The Arch area of those road cycling shoes mens are designed with uneven surface,which is antislip when those cyclists need to pedal. aThe nylon sole is abrassion resistant and can provide enough support to the sole of the feet.