Ronhill Run Headband - AW18

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  • Regulite Fabric - Works tirelessly to ensure your head is protected from the elements and provides warmth.
  • Thermal - Provides your ears with even more warmth.
  • Synthetic
  • 09184 00410
  • Moisture Management - Wicks sweat and dries incredibly fast.
  • Reflective Rim - Ensures visibility in low light.

Run Headband This soft headband keeps the chill and wind off your ears. Offering Regulite technology that is a knitted fabric which provides thermal properties as well as being excellent at regulating body temperature as your body heats up whilst you're running. The thermal properties ensures optimal warmth in harsh conditions whilst the breathable, wicking fabric works to wick sweat away from the skin where it can be easily evaporated keeping you cool, dry and comfortable at all times. Lastly, a reflective rim ensures visibility to passing vehicles in low light conditions.