Pack of 8 Magnetic Board Cleaner Eraser

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1.Colour Name:16 pack

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  • Color random
  • Magnetic eraser for use with dry-wipe whiteboard
  • size:110 * 48 * 30mm
  • Because of the light, the color may be different with the reflection of the screen.
  • Package includes: 8pcs Magnetic Board Cleaner

Magnetic White Board Dry Wipe Drywipe Cleaner Eraser,blackboard with a magnetic brush easy to scratch

10 October 2016
This stick OK to a steel whiteboard that they're hard work to use as they don't erase very well. Nowhere near as good or as long lasting as the single eraser I bought from Island Stationary for about the same price as 4 on this listing. I think I'll go with the slightly more expensive option next time.

I ended up throwing these away.
27 December 2016
Nothing magnetic about the ones I received. They look like ones I previously ordered, which were magnetic, but these ones aren't, and don't stick to my board. In the bin now.
Miss S.
4 March 2017
These just arrived and they are perfect? Great price too.
Terri Wright
31 October 2017
Not magnetic. description inaccurate and misleading
9 July 2018
These are not magnetic, and therefore not as described.
Molly 100
9 November 2015
Finally arrived, just wrote a snotty note to supplier and hey presto, they had dispatched it the problem was with courier and it did get to me. Would definitely purchase and recommend they were worth the wait.
DM Dyce
10 May 2018
They stick to the board and clean well. Good value for money.
6 June 2017
Just the job & does the job well