MPS® Europe 4 in 1 GS Titanium Magnetic Bracelet + Free Links Removal Tool

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  • Suitable mostly for: Men
  • Number of magnets: 12 magnets + Bio supporting Elements. Strength of magnets: 3,000 gauss each. Type of Magnets: Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets.
  • We offer BETTER than conventional "No Quibble Guarantee": (1) Return for refund (in ANY CONDITION) within 30 days. (2) Return for refund unwanted gift (unused) ANY TIME.
  • THIS ITEM COMES WITH A FREE LINKS REMOVAL TOOL - so you can remove links if needed !!!

Combination of bio elements that facilitated and enhance the effect of the magnetic field, this top quality magnetic bracelet is made from finest quality Titanium, which feels so light you will hardly know you are wearing it----Titanium is light, while being twice as strong as steel----The compatibility of the Titanium with the human body and its hypo allergenic properties means that it will not irritate the skin----Magnetic bracelets are not suitable for people with a pacemaker or pregnant women----We offer BETTER than no quibble Guarantee: If unwanted gift (unused), you can return for refund ANY TIME----Comes packed in an impressive Gift Wallet----Bracelet shipped with FREE Links Removal Tool---- is a protected name in Europe & North America.

27 April 2016
I bought this to replace a magnetic bracelet I have had for about 9years. it is solid, comfortable and not 'tacky or flashy'. I am a retired engineer, and whilst sceptical of some of the claims for magnetic bracelets; they work for me. I wear it 24/7 and there is no doubt in my mind that worn on my right wrist (I am left handed) it significantly reduces the sharp pains in my left knee which is pretty much worn out. I had to remove 2 links, and this is where the supplier lets themselves down. (1) The supplied link removal tool really needs a finer thread so that the pushpin does not oscillate as you tighten it up and attempt to locate it onto the bracelet pin. (2) The instructions could be improved. You need to allow plenty of time and patience to do the job. You need to grip the tool body in a vice or have someone else hold it securely for you, so that you have both hands free to manoeuvre the bracelet. You need very good light/eyesight. (3) It is easier to remove the clasp link first. (4) Clearly understand that the pins are classic split pins and make absolutely sure that you locate the pushpin onto the split end of the bracelet pin rather than the folded end.
9 November 2016
Bought this for my hubby who has painful shoulders, he is a large man with big wrists and I am happy to say he put it straight on and it fitted him perfectly! He has noticed that his pain has lessened, has more energy and sleeps better! he sleeps with it on and wears it in the shower! so pleased and excellent customer service!
13 May 2019
Very nice bracelet, however, clasp is very poor. Looks great but simply does not stay on your wrist. Therefore cannot recommend. Informed seller so that they were aware of the problem (not to get refunded) and could warn their buyers and got extremely rude reply.
1 January 2018
Very pleased. I have bought several bracelets before from this company over the last few years and ended up giving them away to friends and relatives as gifts when they told me how much they liked them. I hope this one stays with me. The quality is once again excellent and the bracelet looks expensive. I am a satisfied customer
27 September 2017
Only had it a while. It's is very good quality. Easily took 3 links out myself with the handy link removal tool. Yea would recommend it. Quick delivery too
4 September 2018
Bought for my partner, looked nice but he found it uncomfortable to wear and of no benefit. Good delivery and packaging.
27 May 2017
Looks and may be a nice product , didn't get a chance to find out as the clasp is very easily opened and it came off somewhere in my travels , don't put on or take off a jacket while wearing this item
9 June 2016
Excellent Item, Looks great and feels great, don't know if it will work for the purpose bought, if not it will suffice as a fantastic piece of Jewry