L&L Company Men Gents Luxury SOFT Bath Robe Housecoat Dressing Gown Bathrobe Tie Belt and Hood, Knee Length

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2.Colour:dark blue

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  • It is ideal for the gym, swimming pool, etc. It is knee long as it makes is sporty and modern. Wellursoft fabric is very easy to fold and store, making it ideal to travel with.
  • This sporty style fashion is combined with exquisite additions: embroidery on the chest and decorative stitching on the edges. Iwo male robe is available in several colours.
  • 100% Polyester-Made of Wellursoft, is a very stable fabric that adapts perfectly to every body type.
  • Machine Washable 30 Celsius Degrees
  • .
  • Long Sleeve
  • It has anti-fungal properties, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic.
  • It is very soft to the touch, has a long fabric hair, a high rate of CLO (drying) and heat retention - absorbs water better than 'wellsoft'. Weight: 220-240 g / m2.

The started in 99. The journey has been amazing starting as a small family business to becoming a major player on the European Market. The fabrics used to produce our dressing gowns and bathrobes are the best available and consist of: • frotté hairy - curly. • thermofrotté. • frotté 00% cotton. Due to the long lasting experience and know-how the brand is available all around the world and has a loyal network of clients. We are excited to make these fantastic robes available to our clients as they serve purpose of a great gift, Christmas, Birthday or Valentines present or just an indulgence for yourself and loved ones.