Hutshopping Men's Earmuffs

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  • New protection for the ears // Minimalist ear protection, ideal for the next ski holiday. Thanks to the innovative design, this winter accessory leaves nothing to be desired. Warming and also super combinable with additional headgear
  • Comfortable to wear // Wire inserts keep the ear warmers comfortable and safe. Therefore ideal for winter athletes, whether skiing or snowboarding. These ear muffs make classic winter hats forget quickly. In addition, they allow enough freedom for long hair
  • One-Size, Material: 100% Polyester,
  • Warm micro fleece. The ear warmers are made with warming microfleece made from 100% polyester and therefore keep your ears cosy and warm even at very cool temperatures.
  • Ideal for winter sports. Since the earmuffs sit at the neck and the ear cups lie flat, the Earband is perfect for winter sports. No problem wearing a protective helmet over it.
  • One size (approx. 54-63 cm) // Flexible and flexible thanks to the integrated wire inserts, the ear muffs are suitable for head sizes of approx. 54 cm to 63 cm and guarantee a comfortable fit.

Kimusubi Rolling Vital Earmuffs "St. Moritz"