Forfar Portable Travel Stretchy Clothesline with 12 Clips Travel Stretchy Clothesline Outdoor Clothes Line Rope with_12_Clips Clamps Camping Windproof Dryer

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  • The best choice for outdoor travel, camping, as well as home use.
  • With two shaped hook, you can easily hang on a rod or net rod.
  • Length: 185 cm, of which 12 pieces stainless steel clips
  • Rubber Elastic Bands can be stretched arbitrary plus helps you of Dore air in habillements, durable in use
  • Good for hang, ties, underwear, socks, underwear, towels

Condition: 00% brand new
Color: White / Red / Purple / Green / Blue / Rose Red / Pink (optional)
Material: Stainless steel + PVC
Use: Outdoor camping travel clothesline with 2 clips
Product size: 85*5.5*3.5cm (foldable)