DQT Men Gingham Check Patterned Handkerchief Pocket Square

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  • Brand: DQT
  • Size: 27cm x 27cm
  • Woven Microfibre
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Can be folded into different Pocket Styles
  • Ideal for Weddings, Dinner Parties, Proms and Formal Events.
  • Matching ties, bow ties and cravats are all available.

Express your unique, modern personality with one of our premium woven microfibre gingham check handkerchiefs / pocket squares ideal for casual or formal events such as weddings, proms, dances and other special occasions.

Add a perfect touch to your suit with this hanky. Match your favorite tie and bow tie to any of our handkerchief / pocket square available in over 0 colours. We also have a matching cufflinks to go along.

With the high quality premium woven microfibre fabrics it will make you look perfectly decent in any occasion, especially on weddings. It will not only make you look decent but it will also make you look awesome.

Pocket Square or Hankie is your bow tie's best friend. Create your own fashion by mix and match your looks. Today the men's tie itself is out of fashion it's time to add more accessories. It's great that the pocket square is again gracing the jackets of stylish men. It adds a real touch of class to any outfit.

Start to embrace the modern look today and make you feel stunning and amazing on every wedding and formal event.