BTR Hydration Bladder Water Bag Compatible With Any Hydration Pack and Backpack.

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1.Colour:2L Bladder

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  • Stay Hydrated on the move - BTR 2L Hydration Bladder Water Bag is ideal for running, cycling, hiking, skiing or walking avail in 2 Litres - now keeping active & hydrated is easier than ever before! Just fill with water, pop in your rucksack & go! No need to stop to drink water or carry a bottle in your hand - just keep moving!
  • Hands free bite valve -: Hikers, bicyclists & runners say this ultra-Lightweight, adjustable, athletic fit pack with hydration bladder is 'the ideal price for all the excellent features'. Simply fill the bladder bag, hang it from your back clips to keep it upright, put the bite valve in place and go! Won't leak, tear or puncture, guaranteed.
  • Go faster: Don't waste time stopping to take a drink. Hydration packs hands free bite valve delivers water fast. Water is heavy & the best way to carry it is close to your back- so you can go faster, without sapping your endurance - taking it all along, staying hydrated and finishing the race in record time!
  • Option to Purchase with a Cleaning Kit - helps you to maintain a clean, germ free bladder. The brush lets you scrub into the corners & the long bendy brush to clean the hose from end to end. Our pop out airer lets you keep the bladder open to let it air dry faster & without folding in on itself to harbour any nasty germs
  • Buy with confidence, we tried & tested it for you. We guarantee the BTR hydration bladder won't leak, tear or puncture leaving you high and dry like cheaper brands - we offer a 2-year money back guarantee. Comes with full cleaning maintenance instructions

Want to be kept Hydrated but Keep your Hands Free?

No need to carry a water bottle in your hand or keep stopping to rummage in your bag for a drink - use our L HydroGo Water Bladder

    Water is heavy & the best way to carry it is close to your back- so you can go faster, without sapping your endurance - taking it all along, staying hydrated and finishing the race in record time!

  • cm Hose - long hose so you can comfortably reach the bite valve
  • No-Burst Ultra-Durable Water Bladder - always have water handy when you need it
  • Hands-Free Bite Valve with On/Off Switch - Just turn it on before you go, then bite to drink
  • BPA Free - to ensure you aren't drinking any nasty chemicals from your water bladder
  • Detachable Parts for ease of cleaning. Detach the hose, the 'on/off' switch & bite valve to ensure you can give it a good scrub
  • Rolls Up- when empty - save valuable space in your bag
  • Size: Litre capacity

Great idea for a gift instead of water bottles

*** Option to Purchase with a Cleaning Kit with brush & airer to ensure you have the tools to keep it in tip-top condition

Any plastic liquid holders (bladders, bottles etc) can taste "plastic" on first use. Our bladders are BPA and BPS free and % safe and the "plastic" taste is not harmful.

To remove the taste, you need to thoroughly clean the bladder before 1st use.

Fill it with warm soapy water mixed with a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice and leave to soak for a minimum 30-60 minutes. Then rinse, rinse and rinse again and you are then good to go

If you search, then it is a very common theme with plastic water holders but simple to resolve and certainly not harmful in any way - ensure you clean it & wash it & maintain it.

9 June 2018
I have wasted money on a cheaper hydration bladder which leaked as soon as I filled it ! So I went online and found this one. I have just walked over 120k with it , tucked into a dry-sack attached to my day rucksack and it didn't leak at all . It does exactly what you need, holds water or other hydration drinks securely even wnen being bounced around on a hike. The drinks tube works well . The bite-end on the drinking tube did slide off once , as did the yellow plastic 'open-closed' clip but that's probably because I was allowing the tube to flap about a couple of times. I will be using this for cycling and walking again inside my existing holder. It comes with the cleaning kit which saves money , and the price of the product is very competitive.
2 January 2019
Good Hydration bladder. You never know when you buy these things, but I can vouch for this one. I use it for running and is as I state in the tittle. Solid performance all round. For gods sake, don't expect a half filled bladder not to make a sloshing sound, they all will. This is where your camelback/running vest comes in, a good one will allow you to tie the rear compartment down with integrated elastic straps, which will help limit the sloshing.