Baby Puzzle Play Mat made of Soft Foam 32x32cm Large Jigsaw Puzzle Playmat with Alphabet and Numbers

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  • Non-toxic EVA foam mat, 86 pieces. Certified by TueV Sued (German Association for Technical Inspection)
  • Cushioning, heat-insulating, made from soft foam. 12 x 12 inch per tile.
  • Easy to clean, easy to assemble and disassemle.
  • Lets your children learn numbers and letters through play.
  • Colourful design - makes a great addition for every childrens room.

16 October 2016
I've bought a few different play mat sets and unfortunately this is the worst of the three. The mats are OK quality from a thickness perspective, the real let down is in the interlocking bit. This seems to pull apart and twist easily, meaning a few adults walking on the mats soon has pieces being pulled out or starting to bend. Some of the letters and numbers seem to pop out when walking on as well. The other mats I've bought held up significantly better to this sort of traffic. On the whole, they aren't terrible and the price is reasonable, but there are a bit better alternatives out there.
16 April 2017
Brilliant floor coverage and storage is simple too. Good quality.
15 August 2018
This mat has been a god send. It has had numerous uses in our house and we’ve started using it not only as a mat but also as a learning tool (ABCs and numbers). It is great quality and has survived the rigorous testing that my toddler has subjected it to.
5 February 2014
Good quality foam playmat. However the colour is not as nice as shown in the pic which are a lot paler. Don't be fooled by the 86 pieces. It is made up of lots of little pieces. Really just 35 large pieces (A-Z and 1-9). Delivery is super slow. Will not buy from this supplier again.
27 July 2014
HAd sourced this item cheaper elsewhere (eBay) but after reading some reviews thought it was safer to stick with this one. Very good product, provides a softer landing for crashing babies. We have it on a solid oak floor and half of the tiles are just left on the florr constantly with the other half stored in a drawer to come out when needed. The baby loves chewing the letters and numbers too!
24 July 2018
Unfortunately these are very poor quality. After only a short period of use the letters and numbers have become loose and come off easily creating a constant mess!
25 April 2018
my little one is really happy rolling and playing on it
the mat is covering a large size of m y lounge and i'm really happy with the fact that it also keeps warm
can be clean really easy and i will recommend it 100%
arrived on time
teddy bear
16 July 2016
Kids loved this one. Nice, bright colours. I have them in the living room. About cleaning them? I think cleaning is a pain. I have to pick them up day in , day out, otherwise all the dirt will be underneath. And I can't use the hoover but only wipe cleaning or washing and let them dry.