5-Piece Set. Baby Equipment Set – Baby Nest 95 x 55 cm, Baby Mattress, Cuddle Blanket, Flat Cushion, Neck Pillow/Oeko Tex, Anti-Allergenic, Cuddly Soft for Babies 0 to 8 Months (Dreamcatchers)

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  • This soft, cosy baby nest provides a perfect, safe place for your baby to sleep, be it in the parental bed, in the pram or as a travel bed for your baby to sleep in when away from the home.
  • Two soft cushions - included in the set are two super soft pillows. A flat as an ideal pad and a neck pillow for perfect support of your baby's head and diminishes shocks and sidewards moves during a pram walk or a car ride.
  • The materials used in the Baby Nest Pod Set (cotton exterior, polyester filling and certified Minky Poliester) are certified according to the strict criteria of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (tested for harmful substances, hypoallergenic) and it is easily washable at 30 °C.
  • Mattress and blanket - perfect initial equipment to the set. It's much easier if You won't need to wash full Baby Nest when You use inside mattress - You just wash the small mattress. The blanket keeps the heat ideal in the cuddle nest or crib and is super soft and light with the inside of thick cotton fleece and fancy Minky on the bottom.
  • All of our products are handmade manufactured in Europe by a family business. NO RISK ! 60 DAYS GUARANTEE.

Double-Sided Baby Sleeping Nest Pod - 5 Elements Multifunctional Set.

ONLY PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS - 0% breathable Cotton OEKO TEX  class I and certified Anti-Allergy hollow fibre.

The 5-element bundle consists of:

1x Baby Nest Pod : outside 95x55cm, inside: 30x0cm *Can be used in a bed, cot, pram, during traveling, visiting friends, grandparents, perfect solution for baby who sleeps with their parents. 

1x Comfy Nest Mattress : 30x0cm *Fits perfectly to Baby Nest Pod

1x Blanket : x5cm * Sensory tags to let Your Baby play with.

1x Baby Pillow Butterfly Support Head : 5x30cm * Prevents neck distortions. *The Pillow diminishes shocks and sidewards moves during a pram walk or a car ride. * It prevents micro damages and hits during head stabilisation process. 

1x Flat pillow : 5x30cm

All our products are HANDMADE in EU. We are the family business. Every product is individually inspected before sent. You buy with the confidence straight from the manufacturer. 60 days guarantee.

Sleeping in the same room ( co sleeping ) as your baby reduces the risk of SIDS by as much as %

  • Breastfeeding during the night is easier when you are co-sleeping with your baby.
  • Breastfeeding at night helps to maintain your milk supply.
  • Fewer bedtime hassles.
  • With a baby nest bed you may have a special, more secure place for the little one.
  • No nighttime separation anxiety.
  • It's lovely to wake up next to a smiling baby!
  • Babies often get more sleep. Baby stirs and almost wakes up when she needs to nurse, but since she is right beside mom, mom can breastfeed or soothe her back to sleep before she fully wakes up.
  • Parents often get more sleep!