1 x 900g Alginart Chromatic ALGINATE – Skinsafe Moulding Impression Compound – Hand, Foot, Life Casting

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  • BAG SIZE - 900g. Comes with full detailed instruction leaflet. Just add water. Made from 99% naturally derived ingredients including seaweed extracts
  • Choose the number of bags you require at the top of the screen & click to buy
  • Super Skin Safe Colour Change Moulding Alginate. Complies with latest EU and US Product Safety Standards
  • Captures fabulous fine detail - designed for hand or foot or body casting etc & special effects & any other one-off mouldings.
  • Part of a large range of casting and moulding products. See our store for more details.

This alginate is used by pro-handcasting studios throughout the UK and is preferred for the fine detail that is captured. It is a STANDARD SET product giving you 2 minutes mixing time and a further minute to setting (total 3 min.) Special Offer - the more you buy, the lower the cost per bag! Fast, free delivery. THIS IS CHROMATIC COLOUR CHANGE ALGINATE (colour changes to let you know where setting process is up to - full detailed instructions included). All packs are sealed new and fresh - just bought direct from the manufacturer so it will have a good shelf life (years) until opened. Our Chromatic Alginate complies with the latest EU and USA product safety standards (20) for use as a 3D lifecasting material. It was originally designed for dental impressions and was then modified to create the perfect handcasting moulding material. The great thing about using it as well is it changes colour as you work it, telling you what stage you should be at from mixing to applying to setting. What will you need to carry out a handcasting or footcasting project ? If you wish to put a hand/foot casting kit together yourself, as a guide 900g of Alginate will make up to to 0 new baby hands or feet. The older the child; the bigger the hand/foot, then less mouldings will be made from one bag. One 900g bag will make a large adult hand and for an adult foot. Remember the Alginate is for making the mould only. After making the mould, you then need to make a casting from your mould. To do this we recommend stone casting plaster which we also supply - see our Amazon store.

22 September 2015
I love this stuff!! The more i use the better im getting at mixing to right consistency and volumes for project amazing seller i will alway return to buy from here
Kate Havlová
23 January 2016
Its a bit tricky to get hang of but does the trick once you know what you are doing. I recomend trying first on smaller things before attempting a serious design.

I used them to cast hands to hold my books on the wall during an exhibition and it worked for me.
6 November 2017
Absolutely awesome stuff, brilliant fun to use. Love that it changes colour to let you know what stage you are at. Very clear instructions that come with it too. We used it to create a wax cast of a hand for an art project, I've attached some pics of during and after the finished product!! Would fully recommend and would buy again if the situation called for it!!
1 May 2016
Excellent item, I ordered this to make casts of my children's hands, I can't believe how easy this was and they have turned out great.
It makes it so easy that the colour changes, so you know when to put your hand in and it turns white once set.
8 April 2019
After following the instructions correctly, on three attempts the moulds set too quickly to use properly and became brittle and deformed shortly after.

This stuff is expensive, doesn’t work to desired affect and is a blinding pain to clean up.
christine hall
3 December 2015
great stuff so pleased to get something that sets faster because little people dont have much patience.
16 January 2019
Produced a great mould for use with plaster. Very easy product to use
Love it
Tracey Harewood
12 December 2018
Great for making memories we use it a lot at work